Growing up as a child, I would hear the comment “You are pretty to be dark skinned”. Although, I enjoyed the compliment of being called pretty, I certainly did not enjoy the undertone comment that my dark colored skin was viewed as ugly. This, just like many other things caused me to become insecure about who I was on the outside. Consequently, I would over compensate for it due to lack of self-confidence and would settle for less by excusing rude and offensive behavior because I did not want people to focus on what was thought to be an outer flaw.  I, just like many others, developed a sense of “tolerance” simply because I failed to embrace that my skin color was actually a gift from God. I found it difficult to embrace that I was uniquely different from others, and could not find the beauty in how God created me to be. I did not know and I did not understand that God shaped me in my mother’s womb, which made me invaluable. Perhaps society labeled your skin color as a flaw, or maybe it was your nose, your lips, your shoe size, your height or weight. Regardless of what people said or thought about your outer appearance, you were made to be absolutely beautiful in a flawed world.  If God is perfect in all of his ways, and you were made in his image, then you were made perfectly. The workmanship of the Master’s hands is flawless because He is a flawless God. So, the next time you look at yourself in the mirror, say to yourself with much enthusiasm, “Yes! I am fearfully and wonderfully made!” Psalm 139:14

Be encouraged!