About Us


In today’s society many women face overwhelming challenges. The challenges women have to contend with are insecurities, relationships, loneliness, rejection, sexual assault, domestic violence, health, family and workplace struggles. These issues will cause women to lose focus in the talents and gifts that are innately in them.

A woman can struggle for many years in an attempt to find balance in all aspects of her life. The need to be in touch with who they are is paramount to their individual success. It is important for a woman to have a trusted and reliable outlet that she can identify with.

In this space you are encouraged not to give up and realize that each minute in life can be a battle for some and victory for others. Turning your battles into victories can be accomplished by knowing who you are in God. His words will work for you if you believe in them.

Our mission is to offer women from all walks of life the opportunity to love, share and grow together. It is our goal to help women embrace life. Regardless of their role in life, they are special and created by God for a purpose.


Our Mission

We encourage women from diverse backgrounds to use their experience, education, spiritual gifts and life challenges to acknowledge their uniqueness and overcome life obstacles.

We will embrace women in a compassionate and loving way by allowing them to share their life journeys. This will enable them to discover their destiny by utilizing their inner wisdom and strength.