Have you ever wanted to do things that were not part of your normal routine?

You are ready to venture into something new and exciting and suddenly the voice of your inner conscious begin to speak those dreaded words “what if”. These words can go on, and on, and on. They can crush every idea and possibility of change and success.

I have talked myself out of making a few decisions by thinking, what if. People have said, what if I buy the car and I lose my job. What if I have the surgery and the problem return? What if I make the investment and it fail? What if I take the trip and something happens? What if I change jobs and it doesn’t work out? What if I start my own business and I don’t succeed? What if I get married and my spouse cheat? What ifs can be a part of everything we do.

It’s time to move out of what if and start moving toward the possibility of success and not failure. If you don’t take that chance you will never know what could be. I know someone who left their job to go into the car business, and the business failed. However, speaking to them recently they said “I’m glad I did it.” The experience was a positive take away. After the business failed did they struggle? Yes. Was it a challenge finding new employment? Yes. But they did it!

So, if you decide to by-pass what if, give your dream a chance and think about the success of it and not the possibility of failure.