“Stop” is a word that doesn’t need an explanation, however, the reason why someone says stop does.

There are people visiting amusement parks that love the thrill of being on a roller coaster ride. The ride raises their adrenalin to another level, that’s what they live for. On the other hand there are people on the ride that’s yelling stop, I want to get off. Which one are you?

Many things in our lives have us on a roller coaster, they are moving us through life so fast until we don’t have time to ask, why. We are not giving any thought, analyzing, or contemplating our direction. The ones that are watching us on the life roller coaster are trying to help us see that something is wrong. You are going up and down around and around in a circle. We need to get off the ride in order for us to think, regroup, look for a strategic approach and search for other avenues.

No matter what others tell you only you can say STOP!