Authenticity meaning – 1. the quality of being authentic; genuineness.

We are surrounded by people, social media and TV trying to make us believe that we need to be someone other than ourselves. We start thinking that we are not good enough. I heard the statement “be yourself because everyone else is taken”. We believe what others say through their words, actions and looks. Some people are in their own internal hell because they lack the confidence to believe in themselves. We suppress our true self because of the judgement of people. News flash, there are somethings about yourself that you can never change and they need to be embraced.

Authenticity does not mean perfection, and it doesn’t mean suppressing the true you. We all have something toxic in our core that needs to be worked on or resolved in order to be authentic. Some of the toxic things are fear, insecurity, doubts and our past and I say work on that. Get a shovel and begin to dig deep so you can get to the root of who you are. You have to understand your own perspective on authenticity in order to be true to yourself. Work on perfecting the beauty in the authentic you. Be comfortable in what you do best.


authentic you. Be comfortable in what you do best.