Women, we are the amazing creatures that God created we are multi-taskers able to accomplish several tasks simultaneously. It is amazing what little time we take for ourselves because we are givers at the expense of our well-meaning.

In March we entered a pandemic that caused uncertainty for many. Although women were experiencing challenges with work, home, marriage, and children, COVID-19 threw us into a whirlwind of survival. The normalcy of our lives was disrupted, we were quarantined and became everything to the family. We were teachers and activity coordinators. We waited in long lines for food and made calls for financial assistance. We didn’t have an outlet, no relatives, girlfriends, gyms, hair appointments, pedicures, manicures, movies, dinners, or me-time.

With all the additional stress and pressure we put our health and well-being on the back burner. Now that our states are opening we want women to give attention to the important things they need to know about taking care of their health. That is why we added the link below for women to be aware of special observances that will cause them to be proactive in meeting their healthcare needs. Click on the link below for information on promoting a healthy lifestyle.