For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he… Proverbs 23:7

Many people struggle to know their worth, because life is about letting others put value on who you are and what you do. We take our smallest accomplishments and diminish them to a level of humility which keeps us suppressed. We let well-meaning people such as a parent, brother, sister, friend or relative put value on our body, appearance, personality, strength, weakness and actions. The value placed on us finds its way into our subconscious mind and can take many years or a life-time to overcome.

We behave based on the label that was put on us for years. Often times, we miss so many opportunities because we have conformed to someone else’s opinion of us. We fail to realize that we were given value by God. He created each one of us in a unique way. This is why we don’t have the same finger prints or DNA; you are your own person!

This week take time to evaluate who you are and your purpose. Search for that inter-strength to overcome obstacles that keep you paralyzed with fear and uncertainty. Become the excavator and dig for those buried gifts to find your hidden treasure of worth. We put seeds in the ground and they die to become what they were created to be. God gave each of us a measure of faith to believe. The more we take action and move forward the more our faith increase.

What is burning inside of you that will bring out the positive gifts that are lying dormant?