Don't stop planning


When asked to do something, go somewhere or fulfill an aspiration, with the best intentions we make plans to accomplish the task. It is through our desire to please that we strive to do well in what we take on. We spend precious time in research, purchases and consulting to find the best way to complete the task. Emotionally it can take a toll on us.

Once prepared off we go, and we expect things to work smoothly, however, as we all know too well there can be setbacks. What do you do? Do you take that as a sign you weren’t supposed to go in that direction? Do you think about what you invested? Was this a waste of time and money? Many of us would ask those questions.

There is a proverbial phrase that says, “Make lemonade out of lemons”. The bad situation can make you doubt who you are, make you feel unqualified and the negative thoughts keep coming. You have a responsibility to yourself to shake off the negative thoughts and remember who you are. You are strong, qualified, professional and wise. Yesterday is over and tomorrow allows you to move forward. So, this plan didn’t happen move to the next one and always stay open for opportunities.

The plan is only as great as the person who has it.