We live in a world that has a process for just about everything. A process can eliminate the guesswork and provide us with a straightforward task.  It can determine success or failure, and we all want successful outcomes.

In December 2019, I was adamant about pursuing my Professional Human Resources Certification (PHR). That was not the first time I set this goal. This time I invested the money and time to make it happen. I discovered that if you are serious about what you want, it may cost you.

I joined an HR study group on Facebook, and their focus was on passing the certification. The people in the group suggested methods and materials.  They provided comments, experiences, encouragement, and were transparent about their frustration. The group’s creator had one phrase that she repeated: “If you put the study time in, you will pass.” That was the process, to spend the time in the books and you will get the results. Although I purchased the books in December, I committed to studying in January, and challenges manifested in ways I cannot describe. 

To Trust the Process, you must have a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength in what you want to accomplish.  When I started, I declared that I would pass. I had to stay focused on the results I wanted to achieve while walking on this journey. With any goal you desire to accomplish, you will encounter tears, loneliness, anxiety, stress, depression, fear, defeat, and confusion. Think about traveling on a Safari or Expedition; you will experience the unknown, but you have to reach the destination.

My practice exam scores were like a roller coaster; the scores were high and low, which wasn’t very encouraging.  COVID -19 can in fast and furious and canceled my  April exam date. I thought this was the time to give up and go back to my routine. I stopped studying and convinced myself that this was not a good idea, and why am I taking this exam. Two months later, I called to ask when I would receive a refund for the exam, and they told me no refunds I have to reschedule. My thoughts were  Oh, boy! I have to go back to studying, and I rescheduled for September.

Finally, the day of recking had come, I had to trust the process, and now it’s time for the results. I had taken two days off from work to gather my thoughts and emotions before the test date. No matter how my pre-test scores were, I knew that I followed the process and studied, and my faith triumphed over my fear. I was confident I would pass. When I sat down in the exam room, I committed my thoughts and emotions to the Lord to allow the Holy Spirit to bring all things to my remembrance. After three hours, it was over.  When the receptionist handed me the preliminary result, I didn’t look at it,  I folded the paper, and she said, “Sandra, look at the paper” I knew I succeeded in accomplishing this goal. I had passed!

I am not rushing off to the next thing. I am taking the time to enjoy this accomplishment and appreciate the journey I took. We forget the series of actions or steps it took to achieve a particular goal and forget to enjoy the success before being driven to the next goal or dream.