In the recent past, I engaged in a conversation with a good friend about life.  During this discussion, my friend stated to me, “I don’t want to start over”. 

Shortly after our chat, I reflected on the countless times that I too did not want to start over.  I recalled that I was willing to force myself to stay in dead-end situations and circumstances due to fear of the unknown future.   I found myself willing to remain with a complacent mindset, a complacent job where there was no growth or promotional opportunities, and most importantly connected to unhealthy people and relationships.  I admit that I found comfort in the routine of life that I nearly missed out on the endless possibilities of the future.  It became evident to me that we hinder ourselves by refusing the opportunity to start over because  we concede to the thought that there is nothing more to life other than the circumstances around us.

Seemingly, I also wondered about what could have happened if I did not start over in certain areas of my life.  What would have become of that deserted place without any vegetation or growth? It is my firm belief that the deserted place would have remained a desert without any vegetation or growth. 

Starting over was not an easy decision for me.  In fact, the seed of faith was the foundation that kept me motivated and eager to receive the new.  Starting over gave me the opportunity to create a new beginning.  I also found beauty in starting over, because I was able to leave behind the former things in order to embrace the promises of the future through Christ Jesus, which was a new thing. 

Therefore, the next time you reject the idea of starting over, consider that starting over may not be a negative decision, but a positive change necessary to bring out the best in you and in your life.   

Be blessed!

Lady Kia