Written by Tracey Womack-Branch

If the clouds could speak and had a voice what would they say?

Perhaps remind you to begin the morning by thanking God for a brand new day. 

Something special about the unique way they settle in the early hours.

Fresh start, fresh air, fresh things to try, and willing to dare. 

The clouds are so beautiful to sit and simply stare, wondering how far they are, up, up in the precious air. 

Probably miles and miles imagining to reach, the form and beauty allow the heavens to declare and to teach. 

For the heavens declare the glory of God. 

Saying it loud, on this path I trod!  He is worthy of all praise!  

The skies proclaim the work of his hands. We have to stand and thank  God for his mighty hands. 

He has the whole world in his precious hands. 

The clouds are truly a part of his glory. 

As I look up, I must tell my story. 

That God has been so good to me. 

I thank him for the big things, the little things, and those in between. 

There are some things that money simply cannot even buy, take a look up at the vivid sky, those beautiful clouds, they are for everyone to see. 

You did not even have to pay one red cent or any type of fee. 

Every eye shall see the hand of the Lord, His blessings, his glory, all he has poured. 

He is pouring some joy,  pouring some peace, some rain must even fall. 

For every day just cannot be a ball. 

There may be some storms that come your way, holding his hands, you just have to pray!  

Some days will be sunny and you won’t see one, not any clouds. 

Somedays,   there will be plenty of clouds, amazingly so loud and so proud! 

So beautiful, so bold, so bright!

Even the sun wants to comply and show its light.

You may look for images that are formed in the clouds. Some may have the shape of a heart. 

Some may look like a piece of art.  

Some may see that the windows of heaven are open.

For there are even blessings with your name written on them. 

Can you see it,  just one little bit

You must see it, say it, show it, and know it. 

I am moving like the clouds as they prepare for a storm.   

As I begin to look up to see the norm.

What the day looks like, the clouds will respond. 

Will it rain or will the sunshine?

We predict the weather like it’s all in our minds.  

The clouds are arranged in their own unique way, aren’t you amazed how some move and some just stay? 

They stay right in place for their beauty to behold, capture it, embrace it, and dance under the heavens.

Dance under the stars. 

Praise the name of the Lord. 

I have every reason to praise the name of the Lord!

The clouds would simply say,  did you notice my beauty, form, and colors, the way I stay connected to some and far from others? 

For we cannot tell the heavens what to do. 

God is in control, he controls the weather and has it all together. 

The clouds would simply say …Praise the name of the Lord!