Proverbs 3:26 for the Lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being caught.

Do you ever get the feeling that people really don’t know who you are? They talk and interact with you like they would any ordinary person. The people closest to you may not have a clue as to who is the authentic you.

To your husband you can be a woman that is a mulita tasker, you put him at ease because you ensure that the family needs met. Some people see you as the go to person that they can depend on when situations arise. On your job your work ethic is just what they are looking for because you go beyond the call of duty.

The actions you manifest are driven by what you possess. You have character traits that make up your personality. Take time to think about the words that describe you. I can think of a few, courageous, strong, audacious, patient, wise, smart, loving, confident, proactive, peacemaker, etc. However, you can find words to identify yourself in daily situations.

The words listed above will help you see yourself from a broader perspective. When you respond or intervene in a situation, what do you use? Do you use your strength, courage and confidence? By using similar words to describe yourself it will change your perception. If you constantly exhibit strength than call yourself a strong woman. If you have a reassurance that God works on your behalf, call yourself a woman with strong faith. Be mindful of the character traits that describe your actions, if they apply than use and manifest them.

You need to be confident in the authentic you!