There are many coaches, motivational speakers and social media videos that encourage us to dream big and follow our destiny. The messages are encouraging and come in a time when we need them the most. We absorb every word that they say and some of us try and follow the instructions without hesitation. Our mental strength is revived, and we are ready to invest time and money to bring our dreams to pass.
The question is, how long will the motivation last? The answer is within the person that believes they can make a difference. There are people waiting for us to use the gifts and talents to change lives. The dreamers must stop the fear diminish the procrastination and push forward.

I know of someone who just attended an Atlanta Business Conference, while there they were calling me excited about each session. The hype was there regarding their business plans coming to fruition. However, I haven’t heard that much excitement recently. Either they are really focused, or the motivation is fading. The key is to continue to surround yourself with motivated people, you don’t have to continue spending money to see a motivator, just find likeminded people on your job, in your neighborhood, through friends, local groups and clubs. Remember as you look for them someone is looking for you.