Have you ever been in a place where your mind felt like you were inside a twister? There were so many thoughts coming toward you on every side. Thoughts regarding goals, dreams, family, finances, job and your future. Well, I was there, and I wasn’t moving forward or backward, I WAS JUST STILL. My thoughts regarding my dreams were constantly coming but my actions were non-existent. I was complacent. I was afraid of the challenges that came with fulfilling the goals and dreams.

Today, I heard a young Minister say, “Don’t let complacency derail your destiny”, he let us know that he had hesitation in taking a step out of his comfort zone. However, when a new opportunity came he accepted the challenge not knowing where it will lead. One thing he knew for sure, God will lead him.

I remember my first step in moving from a place of complacency, I had to get in touch with my fears. I had to believe faith in my dreams was greater than the fear that gripped me. I had to discover what was best for me! This discovery allowed me to have confidence in my journey to overcome fear and insecurity. Also, I listened to motivators who experienced similar situations. However, it is obvious that motivation fades and you must act.

Listen, there is something inside you that must be birth. Discover why you are not moving into your destiny, embrace and conquer the challenges. Remember, you are the only one that can bring your destiny to fruition.