What makes you comfortable?

The majority of people want to be comfortable, anything that tax us in the sphere of self-improvement, new ideas, family, job, finances, church and voluntary task, we shy away from it. We take on what we think we can handle, no more and no less. When it comes to stretching ourselves we are minimalist, we have habits and routines that we established and do not move outside those boundaries. Our jobs cost us eight to twelve hours of our day, after that other demands on us we barely do because sub-consciously we have mentally and physically checked out.

By being creatures of habit, we want to stay inside our comfort zone and that’s good enough for us, we don’t need anything extra. We shy away from anything that causes more mental and/ or physical effort in achievement. Although, there is a path that will bring us to a place beyond our imagination it can be comfortless.

Do you have thoughts and ideas that can change the lives of millions of people? Are you willing to push through the comfort zone in your life? By leaving it you will find a struggle in pain, confusion and possibly doubt. But everyone that took the challenge and made a difference, it cost them something however, on the flip side they gained more knowledge, strength and confidence.

What is it that you allowed procrastination and doubt to stop you from achieving? Make a decision to get up from that comfort zone and get a better job, lose the weight, open the business, write the book, further your education, get the license, etc. It will not happen until you make the move.