There’s a saying “be careful what you ask for” that is a true statement for those who have experienced that things are not greener on the other side. We think that others have an exciting, fun and glamourous life. However, some people wish they didn’t have that at all. They long for peace, calm and normalcy.

Wanting what someone else have is called covetous. This desire is very dangerous and leads to obsession. Wanting what someone else have can’t be detected on the outside unless the person exhibits a specific behavior. Being surround by family, friends and co-workers that enjoy the pleasures of life can make your life seem so inadequate and unfulfilling. People have missed valuable opportunities because they were focused on being like or having what someone else possessed.

Do we stop and think what it took for them to have that or be in that position? It could have taken a lot of sacrifice, pain, suffering and loneliness. They knew what they wanted, what were they willing to sacrifice and went after it because they believed in their destiny.

We are embarking on a new year and that means a new beginning. Spend the next few weeks thinking about your future and what you want to accomplish. Stop putting things off until tomorrow and get busy discovering your destiny.